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Paint Seminars

With the objective being to dispel myths that two-pack paint & primer systems are complicated or difficult to apply, Marine & Industrial invite trade customers to attend practical seminars at the impressive 3M Automotive Refinishing Centre (ARC) in Atherstone, near Birmingham.

Spearheaded by Marine & Industrial’s Kevin Lockwood, using the Epifanes two-pack epoxy and polyurethane systems, Jotun’s MegaGloss or Alexseal paint system. Attendees are given the relevant technical background and practical ‘hands-on’ knowledge to go off and re-think their otherwise default choice of using just single-pack enamel-based paint systems.

Delegates learn that with just a small amount of additional information and a different mind-set, they could quickly achieve excellent quality two-pack paint finish results with the least amount of additional cost or technical effort required, even on top of already painted single pack paint systems.

Running in parallel with the day’s painting demonstrations are complimentary sessions including a talk on the importance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and further guidance and product updates on 3M masking systems, abrasives and polishes & compounds, together with hands-on techniques for mixing, selecting the correct thinners and other tips & advice on achieving the best possible finish.

If you are interest in taking part in one of our Seminars please register your interest below:

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