HAMILTON Perfection CleanEdge Brush - Marine And Industrial

HAMILTON Perfection CleanEdge Brush

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Features & Benefits: • No filament loss • Classically shaped FSC® Certified wooden handle with traditional lacquer finish – comfortable in hand, long enough for superb precision

Product Description: A flat brush made with Hamilton’s CleanEdgeTM filaments – these firmer tips have been meticulously engineered for use with today’s high viscosity paints. You will be able to push and drag thicker paints with ease whilst achieving precise, clean edges.

Product Specification: • Firmer, shorter CleanEdgeTM filaments to push and drag thicker paints with ease • Use straight from the pack – no need to break in • Stainless steel ferrule – no rust and suitable for magnetic kettles • Vapour box compatible

Cleaning & Care: When using solvent-based paints clean immediately after use, removing as much excess paint as possible with either a paper towel or something similar, then clean appropriately with a suitable cleaner or white spirit. Alternatively, retain the brush in a vapour box if available. When using water-based paints clean with warm soapy water, then rinse in clean water and leave to dry. Use original packaging to help retain head shape.

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