PRO-SET Expanding Epoxy Foam

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Expand in place foam that, when mixed, creates an in-situ closed cell epoxy foam with very uniform cell size. Fast cure speed hardener provides approximately 20 minutes of foaming time at 22°C. Can then be demolded in approximately 2 hours. Room temperature cure properties suitable for many composite components and structures. High performance epoxy foam will bond to FRP, metals, and low density core materials. High strength foam can be used as a core material or to fill cracks and gaps in concrete. Optimum properties will be obtained with a post cure of 71°C for 6 hours.

NB: Following the installation of our new warehouse barcode system, please ensure that you order both COMP A & COMP B for a complete pack

Please note that any hazardous materials over limited quantities, i.e. 5ltrs/kg+ will be a 3-5 day delivery

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