WEST SYSTEM 207 Special Hardener

207 Special Coating Hardener is formulated for use with West System 105 Resin for coating applications. West System 207 Hardener also contains an ultraviolet inhibitor to protect the cured epoxy against sunlight. However, the cured mixture will require long-term UV protection with a quality marine paint or UV filtered varnish.

N.B. Ratio 3:1 Resin: Hardener Pot Life at 25°C = 20 to 30 minutes Cure to Solid State at 21°C = 9 to 12 hours Cure to Maximum Strength at 21°C = 5 to 7 days Minimum Recommended Working Temperature = 16°C Pumps Required = (3:1 ratio) 303, 306-3 or 309-3

Please order 2 x WS-207CHALF-H-3.6 for the C pack size

Please note that any hazardous materials over limited quantities, i.e. 5ltrs/kg+ will be a 3-5 day delivery

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