WEST SYSTEM 209 Extra Slow Hardener - Marine And Industrial

WEST SYSTEM 209 Extra Slow Hardener

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209 Extra Slow Hardener is formulated for use with 105 Resin in extremely warm and/or humid conditions for general bonding and coating applications or when extended working time is desired at room temperature.

N.B. Ratio 3:1 Resin: Hardener Pot Life at 25°C = 75 to 90 minutes Pot Life at 35°C = 20 to 30 minutes Cure to Solid State at 21°C = 20 to 24 hours Cure to Solid State at 35°C = 6 to 8 hours Cure to Maximum Strength at 21°C = 5 to 9 days Minimum Recommended Working Temperature = 16°C Pumps Required = (3:1 ratio) 303, 306-3 or 309-3

Please order 2 x WS-209CHALF-H-3.6 for the C pack size

Please note that any hazardous materials over limited quantities, i.e. 5ltrs/kg+ will be a 3-5 day delivery

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