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Epifanes Through drying additive for traditional paints and varnishes. It is a solvent base additive. Specially formulated to speed up the through drying of Epifanes traditional one-component paints and varnishes when applied at low temperatures, allowing sanding the next day. For use in Epifanes traditional one-component paints, primers and varnishes.

As long as the maximum additions are not exceeded, flow, gloss and outdoor durability will not be affected. • Application and drying at 8°C. : max. 12% • Application and drying at 10°C. : max. 10% • Application and drying at 15°C. : max. 5%

This product is not intended to shorten overcoating times. Nor is it intended to apply more wet film than advised. Once Epifanes TDA has been added to paint or varnish, pot life of the mixture is reduced to 4 hours (18°C.). Do not use above 15°C. Do not exceed dosage. All use and dosage other than specified and advised is at users risk.

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