EPIFANES Aluminium HR - Marine And Industrial


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Epifanes Aluminium HR is a heat resistant alloy paint for the protection and embellishment of steel and (cast) iron objects exposed to temperatures over 400° and 1000°C, such as exhaust pipes, ovens, A.S.O.

Apply in thin layers on bare steel or iron. The substrate must be dry, clean and thoroughly degreased, rust and mill scale removed. After drying, heat the object to working temperature to allow the resin/ aluminium pigment to burn in. This paint should not be used on objects exposed to temperatures below 400 and over 1000°C and object which are being handled (staining). Can be thinned with Epifanes Brush thinner for paint & varnish. Drying times at 20°C dust dry around 15 minutes, tack free after 1 hour, over-coatable after 12 hours.

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