EPIFANES Multiforte Satin Coating - Marine And Industrial

EPIFANES Multiforte Satin Coating

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Epifanes Multiforte is a fast drying satin coating for decks and gangways. This paint has excellent adhesion properties and it gives a tough finish for area’s that are intensively used. Also suitable for painting concrete floors.

Field of use: It can be applied over every single pack paint regardless of brand. Also to be painted over a one component primer from Epifanes. Do not overcoat this paint with another one part paint other than the Multiforte itself. The new paint my fail due to tension differences.


• Prior to ordering Epifanes Multiforte, please contact the office on 01692 406822 to confirm which base is required.

• Please provide, the colour code, name and if available the colour card origin i.e RAL, Epifanes etc.

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