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SEAJET 2300 Hard Coating

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Product Details

SEAJET 2300 HARD COATING is biocide-free, hard polyurethane coating based on an unique resin. It can be used on all substrates including aluminium. A maximum speed of 70 knots.

NB: Please ensure that you order both COMP A & COMP B for a complete pack

Application Notes

  • First sand with P100 abrasive paper, remove all dust and apply 3 coats of SEAJET 117
  • Follow by adding 2 coats of SEAJET 2300 Hard Coating
  • Add the hardener to the base whilst mixing. Stir well before use.
  • Colour difference between batches may occur. Mix different batches before use.  


The Seajet Eco range consists of three products. Seajet Bioclean Eco, a silicone-based foul-release system. Seajet 021 Eko, an erodible underwater coating. To complete the line, Seajet 2300 Hard Coating, a cleanable hard coating for the underwater hull. You can now protect your boat from fouling while being kind to marine life. All products in this range contain no heavy metals, no biocides and are free from future biocide legislation.

  • For use over suitably primed GRP, steel, aluminium.
  • Mixing Ratio Base: 75 Hardener: 25 (by volume)


Type Specification
Thinner Seajet Thinner A
Application Brush, roller, airless spray
Flash Point 39c
Mixing Ratio Two-Pack Product Base: 75% Hardener 25%
Product Colour White, Black, Navy Blue
Pack Sizes 2.5ltr when fully mixed

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