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Product Details

SEAJET Tie Coat and SEAJET Bioclean Eco form a silicone based, foul-release system. Fouling finds the ultra slippy surface difficult to adhere to and detaches during the use of the boat. SEAJET Tie Coat is developed for the SEAJET Bioclean Eco system. It ensures maximum adhesion and performance. It can be used over existing antifouling including Teflon based antifouling. Quick drying.

Suggested Applications

  • Apply 2 coats of SEAJET Tie Coat to assure good adhesion with subsequent Seajet Bioclean Eco.
  • Only apply to dry, damp-free surfaces
  • For use over suitably primed GRP, wood, steel, aluminium.
  • Avaliable in White, Black, Navy Blue and Red  


The Seajet Eco range consists of three products. Seajet Bioclean Eco, a silicone-based foul-release system. Seajet 021 Eko, an erodible underwater coating. To complete the line, Seajet 2300 Hard Coating, a cleanable hard coating for the underwater hull. You can now protect your boat from fouling while being kind to marine life. All products in this range contain no heavy metals, no biocides and are free from future biocide legislation.

  • To be used with Seajet Bioclean Eco
  • Before use, stir thoroughly until product is mixed to a uniform consistency


Type Specification
Thinner Seajet Thinner A
Application Brush, roller, airless spray
Flash Point 26c
Mixing Ratio One pack product
Product Colour White, Black, Navy Blue, Red
Pack Sizes 0.75ltr, 2.5ltr

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