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Prevents renewed weathering Epifanes Teak-O-Bello is a water based coating for teak and other hardwoods. The unique, environmentally friendly formulation prevents the wood from weathering for an extended period of time. Fast and easy to apply. Lasts longer than solvent-based teak oils and teak sealers and resists the formation of mould. It will not effect the caulking in teak decks. i.e. polysulfide, polyurethane etc. Contains no VOC’s, no toxic fumes and is solvent free. Shake at least 1 minute before use. Apply max. 2 thin coats on fully dry wood. Avoid film building. Store frost free and away from direct sunlight.

Maintenance of teak decks, teak railings, grips and other teak parts on board, i.e. furniture. For interior and exterior use above the waterline. Suitable for fresh and salt water.

Obtainable coverage: 500ml. Is sufficient for 5-12m² depending on surface roughness and application method

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