INDASA Autogloss High-Gloss Plus - Marine And Industrial

INDASA Autogloss High-Gloss Plus

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The Indasa Autogloss High-Gloss Plus gives you the superior gloss enhancement on fresh or cured paintwork. With a unique formulation and an advanced polish technology, our Autogloss High-Gloss Plus offers the permanent elimination of light scratches, swirl marks and holograms in the top coat and will help you to achieve that professional showroom finish.

FEATURES & BENEFITS Fine cut action - Removal of fine sanding scratches and refreshing aged paintwork Material does not dry out, easier to clean up - Longer working time High Gloss Level - Great for all colours, especially dark ones VOC Compliant - Environmentally friendly and compliant No fillers - No shrink back Dry use - Cleaner, with no dusting or splatter Colour restoration - Professional showroom finish Multi substrate - For all paint surfaces, old, new and fresh Silicone free formulation - Safe for the workshop

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