OWATROL Gelcoat Restorer - Marine Polytrol - Marine And Industrial

OWATROL Gelcoat Restorer - Marine Polytrol

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Gelcoat Restorer is a deep penetrating oil that penetrates deep into gelcoat to re-wet the pigment and so restore the dull, faded look of the gelcoat to its original colour and lustre. It then dries to a tough, long lasting and flexible finish. Gelcoat Restorer eliminates the need for expensive waxes and polishes that sit on the surface and dry out quickly.

Simple to apply using a cloth or soft brush, it’s ready to wipe off in just 10 minutes! It can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces and can even be used on fibreglass (GRP). Gelcoat Restorer dries to a tough and long-lasting flexible finish which does not leave a film – so it won’t peel or flake.

Ideal Uses for Gelcoat Restorer: Reviving the gelcoat on your boat Restoring the shine to metal fixtures Rejuvenating flat or chalky paint dulled by weathering Brightening the surface of tiles in stone, terracota, marble, slate, etc. Reviving the color of faded GRP surfaces

Restrictions: DO NOT use Gelcoat Restorer on white surfaces, it will not work as it is designed to restore pigments.

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