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3M Dual Lock Re-Closable Fasteners

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Dual Lock fasteners described here consist of two types of continuous plastic strips with mushroom shaped stems. They are designed to engage together with one another to provide re-closable fastening for a wide range of applications.

• Dual Lock 400 - has a dense stem pattern of approximately 62 stems/cm². It locks together in any position and is generally the best choice for joining two surfaces when using the Pressure-Sensitive Dual Lock products.

• Dual Lock 250 - has approximately 38 stems/cm². It is a self-engaging fastener providing similar strength to Type 400 to Type 170 combination. It also reduces inventory as only one roll is required.

• Dual Lock 170 - has approximately 26 stems/cm². Besides general use with Dual Lock Type 400, it can also be mated to Scotchmate Loop products to provide an excellent high strength fastener with a limited re-closure life. SJ 3540 Range - Designed for general purpose kinds of dynamic and static load applications where temperatures do not exceed 49°C. SJ 3550 Range - Designed for high strength bond applications. These products can be bonded to paints, plastics, metals etc at a range of temperatures between -29°C to +93°C making them ideal for holding in head linings.

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