PRO-VAC Pro Fix Spray Adhesive - Marine And Industrial

PRO-VAC Pro Fix Spray Adhesive

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There are many different types of spray adhesive in the composite market place; our PRO-FIX is a product that we have worked hard on developing to cover most of the industrial requirements. The adhesive has been designed to be used with all fabric types (glass, carbon and aramid), it is also successfully used at bonding core material in place (balsa and foams) and can be used to bond PRO-VAC consumables in place during lay-up.

PRO-VAC Pro-Fix • Acetone free spray adhesive • Designed for bonding dry glass, carbon and aramid fibres for composite structure preparation • Can also be used for fixing core materials - foams and balsa as well as vacuum consumables like peel ply and breather fabric

PRO-VAC Pro-Fix 51 • High Adhesion strength with gelcoat, barrier-coat, glass fibre matting and fibreglass laminates • Full compatibility with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins • Does compromise the mechanical performance of laminates even if used in higher quantities that actual requirements • Does not threaten or inhibit the correct polymerization of resins • Does not weaken the degree of inter-laminar adhesion between the different layers of laminate • Contains a blue colorant which makes it possible to assess and regulate the quantity applied, the colour disappears during polymerization

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