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We know that the speed of the resin is critical, when it comes to planning and executing an infusion strategy. This is why we have engineered out infusion meshes to match and even surpass the products that are currently in the market.

We have analyzed the current meshes that are being used and have designed our products to behave in a similar way. The extruded grid mesh has been designed so that the flow is even in all directions; therefore there is no difference in speed between the machine and transvers directions.

• PRO-VAC BM230P – 230 gsm extruded soft (LDPE) grid mesh • High flow mesh • 1.2 m wide x 50 m long • For flat panels and single curvature

• PRO-VAC KM160E1 – 160 gsm 3D knitted mesh • 1M wide x 100M long • For all geometries of composite structures • Good drape and conformability

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