Seajet Launch 015 Underwater Primer

Launch of a new barrier / primer coat for over-coating existing antifouls, including Teflon based

Seajet have launched Seajet 015 Underwater Primer*, an acrylic resin based formulation that provides a combined barrier / sealer / primer coat for either bare, or pre-antifouled hulls. Perfect for when the type and/or compatibility of the existing coating may not be known.

Seajet 015 Primer has the potential to save boat owners, or boat maintenance yards, significant amounts of time and money by not having to mechanically remove an unknown antifoul coating, prior to a new type of coating being applied.

Applied by brush or roller, 015 Underwater Primer is quick-drying and forms a tough, yet flexible film that provides excellent adhesion for subsequent antifoul coats and is also compatible with existing vinyl based primers, such as Seajet 011.

Typical use will be on those occasions when a boat owner buys a used boat for the first time and has no prior knowledge of the existing coating that has been applied. Similarly, hulls that have been protected with a Teflon or similar based coating - notorious for their non-compatibility with other antifouls – can be safely over-coated with other products, once Seajet 015 Underwater Primer has first been applied.

  • Compatible on all hull substrates, the exception being aluminium, which requires a single coat of Seajet 017 Epoxy Bonding Primer before proceeding. Not compatible with Silicon coatings.

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