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3M Smooth Transition Tape

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The 3M Smooth Transition Tape is a fast, simple way to virtually eliminate rework caused by hard paint lines. It is designed specifically to create smooth transitions to existing finishes: a raised centre ridge contains adhesive, while the paint feathers in naturally beneath the edges for virtually invisible paint lines.

Obtain a flawless appearance when masking and painting parts such as door apertures, quarter edge panels and swage lines with 3M Smooth Transition Tape. Our tape applies easily and doesn’t add any effort to the masking and prepping process. Simply apply it on top of the standard masking products that are applied to protect the surroundings of the repair area to create a smooth paint edge. 3M Smooth Transition Tape is a 1/4 inch (7 mm) wide and features a raised ridge, which is the only adhesive covered part to be applied to the surface. The elevated free remainder of the tape allows primer or paint to feather in naturally when the area is sprayed. This creates a virtually invisible paint line between the existing coating and the new, without any extra effort by the paint technician. And it results in much less potential rework versus traditional tape/paper systems or folded tape systems. The 3M Smooth Transition Tape is also great for stone chip coating.

• Eliminate hard paint lines

• Apply and remove easily with speed and ease

• Leaves a smooth paint transition - no hard edge line for collision repair painters

• Centre-adhesive design lets paint feather smoothly beneath tape edges

• Minimizes rework for faster cycle times

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